Wireless calling system dedicated to service in restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, hotels, entertainment centers, super and hypermarkets, as well as in hospitals.



How does the system work:

Buttons are mounted on tables or at any other convenient place, and when the customer, visitor comes, he can always call the staff (waiter, doctor, staff etc.), which in turn receives a signal that is shown on his pager or receiver (display).


Also we have a system for fast food Queue Coaster pager system, which helps to inform customers about readiness of ordered dishes.

Coaster pager system allows to avoid the use of paper numbers,  irritating speakers and other warning systems.

How does the queue coaster pager system works:

When the customer orders a dish he is given a pager with has a specific number.

The customer sits down at a table and waits for his ready-cooked meal.

When the dish is ready restaurant staff starts to call on a pager.

The pager start to vibrate, beep and blink. The customer returns a pager and gets his dish.


Wireless calling system helps to solve such problems

1) Ability to call waiter at the right time, because we all know the situation when we can not find the staff (waiters, etc.) and if the waiter does not see us, it certainly evokes a feeling of a discomfort and thus we have no desire to make an order and accordingly the institution loses income, perhaps even the customer, visitor.

2) Improving the quality and level of service

3) Increasing the negotiability of tables

4) Ability to reduce the number of staff

5) The uniqueness of the Institution

6) The system helps to control tables in the institutions of a wide format such as nightclubs, VIP rooms, summer houses etc, where the table control may be limited or else is undesirable.

Also wireless calling system helps to provide assistance in hypermarket, supermarket, hotel, hospital, as well as in spa-salon, beauty salon and barber shop

7) Visitors will enjoy each other's company without a feeling of a discomfort from undue attention or lack of  it.


The economic effect of the introduction of wireless calling system:

Everyone familiar with the situation when the customer up to leave and he would like to order a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of juice, but if the customer will not find the waiter (staff) an order wouldn't occur. The presence of the call button on the table will allow your institution to earn extra money.


Wireless calling system consists of:

Receiver (display)

Wrist pager

Call buttons


A coaster pager system onsists of:


Guest coaster pagers 16 pcs


If you are interested in wireless calling system, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.