Our advantages

Our advantages

1) Only our call button has an exclusive inscription in English, ukrainian, russian.

2) We will set up a system for your institution.

3) Warranty and post-warranty service of a wireless calling system.

4) If you find something "cheaper" please contact us, in any case, we will discuss how to make an additional discount for you. We have the lowest prices!

5) If your order will be more that 1000 usd we will ship it for free !

6) We are repairing wireless calling systems, replace stickers on buttons and other equipment. Repair of different types of systems Rapid, Recs, Callsyst, Linkman etc.

7) We also have two-way portable radios from well-known manufacturer BAOFENG, great quality, cheap price. And Window Interphone Talk through glass for bank offices, cash-desk etc.