Wrist watch pager HCM200


2100 грн.

1680 грн.


Wrist pager widely used in cafe, restaurant, night club, hospital, private clinic, hotel, supemarket, shop, fitness centre, spa-salons etc.

It also may be used as a call or emergency button for disabled in drugstore, hospital, shop, supermarket.

Can work 10-12 days (from full charge)

It is possible to turn off the pager for energy saving.

Ability to register 200 call buttons                                                      

Pager can show two or four digits, meet customer registration requirements                        

All positions can be set with English letter or digit (A-Z). 

Technical features:


Charge mode:Li-Po                          

Working frequency:433.92/315 Mhz                           

Battery capacity 350 Mah